Achieving a balance between environmental and economic interests is essential to the development of NGM. Such a balance will allow the company to meet its current needs without compromising future opportunities.
NGM is committed to sustainable development, transparency and accountability in its environmental policy.
The NGM Environmental Management System follows the guidelines established by:
– Gabonese regulations on the protection of the environment and sustainable development;
– The ISO 14001 standard.
In addition, through its environmental management system, the company has taken the following measures:
– Protecting the environment by eliminating or mitigating negative impacts through the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP);
– Compliance obligations through the application of the environmental management procedures contained in the NGM document system;
– Sharing of information on environmental issues with interested parties;
– The implementation of ongoing updating processes to identify risks, evaluate them and implement the necessary measures to manage any event; etc.


Rehabilitation plan

Rehabilitation consists of filling the large pits created during the extraction of the ore with the rejects of the plant, then to put above the vegetal cover to facilitate the revegetation. It is important to point out that upstream work of this phase of rehabilitation is done with the nursery plant species existing on.